(See paragraph 13, Note)

List of authorities who are declared to be heads of departments for the purpose of the Account Rules.

1. Board of Revenue

2. High Court of Judicature at Allahabad

3. Commissioners of Divisions

4. Secretaries to Government

5. Secretary to Governor

6. Chief Conservator of Forests

7. Chief Engineer, Public Works Department

8. Chief Engineer, Irrigation Department

9. Director of Education (Higher Education)

10. Director of Education

11. Director of Medical Health Services and Family Planning, U.P.

12. Inspector General of Police

13. Inspector General of Prisons

14. Legal Remembrancer

15. Conservators of Forests

16. Superintending Engineers, Public Works Department

17. Superintending Engineers, Irrigation Department

18. Director of Agriculture

19. Director of Industries

20. Director, Soochna Avam Jan Sampark

21. Excise Commissioner

22. Inspector General of Registration

23. Registrar, Co-operative Societies

24. Director of Animal Husbandry

25. Secretary, Legislative Assembly

26. Secretary, Legislative Council

27. Settlement Commissioner

28. Chairman, Public Service Commission

29. Advocate General

30. Cane Commissioner

31. Labour Commissioner

32. Sugar Commissioner

33. Director, Economic and Statistics Division, State Planning Institute

34. Transport Commissioner

35. Principal Veterinary College, Mathura

36. Director of Panchayats and ex-officio, Administrative Commandant General, Pradeshik Vikas Dal

37. Director Training and Employment

38. Director, Cultural Affairs and Scientific Research

39. Presiding Officer, Industrial Tribunal

40. Chief Electoral Officer and Director of Elections

41. Consolidation Commissioner

42. Director of Technical Education

43. Chairman, Board of Technical Education

44. Nideshak, Harijan Tatha Samaj Kalyan

45. Director, Civil Defence

46. Director, Horticulture and Fruit Utilization

47. Additional Chief Engineers, Irrigation Department

48. Ayurvedic and Unani Sewa Nideshak

49. Director, National Cadet Corps

50. Director, State Lottery, U.P., Lucknow

51. President and Member, Administrative Tribunal and Chairman, Vigilance Commission

52. Director of Vigilance.

53. Chairman, Minorities Commission

54. Controller, Weights and Measures

55. Commissioner, Food and Civil Supplies

56. Commissioner, Agricultural Production and Rural Development

57. Director of Fisheries

58. Director, Administrative Training Institute, Nainital

59. Commissioner, Relief and Rehabilitation

60. Chief Town and Country Planner

61. Director, Planning Research and Action Division, State Planning Institute

62. Commissioner, Sales Tax

63. Director of Treasuries, U.P., Lucknow

64. Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation

65. Commissioner, Professions, Trades, Callings and Employment.

66.·Commandant General, Home Guards

67. Director, Geology and Mining

68. Entertainment and Betting Tax Commissioner

69. Chief Audit Officer, Co-operative Societies and Panchayats.

70. Director, Evaluation and Training Division, State Planning Institute.

71. State Editor, District Gazetteers

72. Director, Local Bodies

73. Director, Urban Land Ceiling, U.P.

74. Director of Tourism

75. Director, National Savings

76. Director, Population Centre, India Population Project, U.P.

77. Project Co-ordinator, India Population Project, U.P.

78. Director of Works, India Population Project, U.P.

79. Project Pariwar Niyojan Adhikari, India Population Project, U.P.

80. Chief Engineer, Rural Engineering Services

81. Director, Uttar Pradesh Freedom Fighters Welfare Directorate.

82. Mukhya Vitta Adhikari, Zila Parishad

83. Superintendent, Printing and Stationery, U.P.

84. Director, Sainik Kalayan, U.P., Lucknow

85. Director, Sports.

86. Principal, Sarojini Naidu Medical College, Agra

87. Principal, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College, Kanpur.

88. Principal, Moti Lal Nehru Medical College, Allahabad

89. Principal, Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College, Meerut.

90. Principal, Maharani Laxami Bai Medical College, Jhansi.

91. Principal, Baba Raghavdas Medical College, Gorakhpur

92. Director, U.P. State Observatory, Nainital

93. Examiner, Local Fund Accounts, U.P. Allahabad

94. Director, Ground Water Investigation Organisation.

95. Director, Manpower Planning Division, State Planning Institute.

96. Presiding Judge, State Transport Appellate Tribunal.

97. Administrator, Gandak Command Area Division Project, Gorakhpur.

98. Administrator, Ramganga Command Area Division Project, Kanpur.

99. Administrator, Sarda Sahayak Command Area Division Project, Lucknow.

100. Mukhya Vidyut Nirikshak (Chief Electrical Inspector to Government, U.P.).

101. Ayukt Sarvajanik Punyarth Avem Hindu Dharmik Sanstha thatha Nibandh.

102. Chairman, U.P. Public Service Tribunals (1), (2) and (3).

103. Commissioner, Scheduled Castes and Tribes, U.P.

104. Registrar, Firms, Societies and Chits, U.P.

105. Additional chief Engineer P.W.D., MEERUT.

106. Additional chief Engineer P.W.D., VARANASI.

107. Additional chief Engineer P.W.D., LUCKNOW.

108. Additional chief Engineer P.W. D., PAURIGARHWAL.

109. Director Rehabilitation, Tehri Dam project,Tehri.

110. Chairman, Sales Tax Tribunal, U.P. LUCKNOW.

111. Secretary, Lok Ayukta, U.P. LUCKNOW.

112. Additional Director, and Project Family Welfare officers, India Population Project, U.P. LUCKNOW.

113. COMMISSIONER and Director U.P. State Employees Group Insurance, U.P. LUCKNOW.

114. Director (Homeopathic), U.P. LUCKNOW.

( C.S. No.13, dated 17.08.1981)

( vitta ( Lakha) Anubhag-1 File no -15 ( R 7/70 )

115. Director, Training Division, State Planning Institute, U. P. Lucknow.

116. Project Director Sanjay Gandhi Post-graduate Institute of Medical Science, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

117. Additional Director of Industries (Hills) Kotdwara (District Panri Garhwal) for purposes specified in Parvatiya Vikas Anubhag-III, Circular no. 2288R/18—1-184R-81, dated June 8, 1982.

118. Chief Project Director, Watershed Management Directorate, Dehra Dun.

(C. S. No dated 29-11-1983)

[Vitta (Lekha) Anubhag-1, File no. 15 (4)-83]

119. Director, Fiscal Planning and Resources, U.P., Lucknow.

120. Principal, Government Central Textile Institute, U.P., Kanpur.

121. Project Director and family welfare officer, India Population Project—Second, U.P. Lucknow.

122. Director, Employees State Insurance Scheme, Labour Medical Services, U.P., Kanpur.

123. Director of Education (Basic), U.P., Lucknow.

(C. S No. 67, dated 10-11-86)

[Vitta (Lekha) Anubhag—File No. 15(4)]


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