Place of Payment

98. Under rules 19 to 21 of the Treasury Rules, the leave salary of a gazetted Government servant who draws his leave salary in India may be paid in any district of the State. The leave salary of a non-gazetted Government servant may be paid in that district only in which his pay could be drawn if he were on duty. Pensions payable in India may be paid in any district of the State except as provided above a payment shall, unless the Government by general or special order otherwise direct, be made in the district in which the claim arises [vide paragraph 42-F].

NOTE— Claims on account of pay and allowances of non-gazetted Government servants should be deemed to arise at the station where the drawing and disbursing officer, who draws the claims is stationed. In the case of transfers the procedure laid down in paragraph 141 (2) should be followed for drawing the arrear claims.

98-A. If a gazetted Government servant, or a pensioner, wishes to draw his leave salary/pension, at a Treasury outside the Sate the payment may be authorized by the Accountant General in consultation with the Audit Officer of the State concerned, under Treasury Rule 33(3).

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