Payment of pay and allowances due in respect of a Government servant certified to be a lunatic

107-CCC. (i) On receipt of information that a Government servant, has been certified to be a lunatic, the head of the office in which the Government servant before his being certified to be a lunatic was last employed, should, on the basis of the orders issued by the appointing authority indicating the person (s) to whom and the proportion in which the pay and allowances admissible to the Government servant may be disbursed in accordance with the provisions of section 95(1) of the the Indian Lunacy Act, 1912, draw the pay and allowances of the Government servant in the appropriate bill form, gazetted or non-gazetted as the case may be, from the Treasury of other office of disbursement. The claim should be supported by all the relevant certificates which the head of the office is required to furnish in the normal circumstances. However, in respect of the certificates which solely depend on the personal knowledge of the Government servant and which cannot be furnished in such cases, the head of the office should record, if he is satisfied about the reasonableness of the claim a certificate to the effect that the claim is not susceptible of verification but is considered reasonable. If the Government servant is invalidated from service, the claim would be the last one in respect of him and in that case the precautions prescribed in note (2) below paragraph 97 should be observed.

(ii) The amount withdrawn in the manner stated above, may be paid to the person(s) mentioned in sub-para (i) above in the proportion determined by the appointing authority and receipt obtained, stamped where necessary. [See note (5) below paragraph 110].

(iii) Where a Government servant has been invalidated from service and it is found that some Government dues are outstanding against him even after the adjustment of his claims for pay and allowances, the same may be adjusted against the amount of his death-cum-retirement gratuity if any, and if the same is also insufficient, the balance of the outstanding dues may be written off under sanction of the competent authority.


Part I

1. The State Bank of India.

2. The Allahabad Bank Ltd.

3. Messrs Lloyds Bank Ltd.

4. The Mercantile Bank of India Ltd., Delhi.

5. The Bank of Bihar Ltd.

6. The Punjab Co-operative Bank Ltd.

Part II

1. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Bankers and Army Agent.

2. The Bank of India Limited.

*3. Messrs Binny and Company Limited, Bankers and Army Agents.

*4. Messrs Parry and Company.

*5. Messrs Cowasjee, Dinshaw and Brothers.

6. The Central Bank of India Limited.

7. The Mercantile Bank of India Limited, Madras.

8. The Punjab National Bank Limited.

9. The American Express Company Incorporated, Bombay.

*10. The Naini Tal Bank Limited, Naini Tal.

NOTE—The Non-scheduled Banks are shown with an asterisk.


1. The New Bank of India Limited, New Delhi.

2. The Bareilly Corporation (Bank) Limited, Bareilly.

3. The Banaras State Bank Limited, Varanasi.

4. The Punjab and Sind Bank Limited, Dehra Dun.

5. The United Bank of India Limited.

6. The Bank of Baroda Limited.

7. The U. P. Co-operative Bank Limited, Lucknow.

8. The Canara Bank.

9. The Indian Overseas Bank.

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