Irrecoverable Loans and Advances

238. The sanction of the Government is required to the remission or write off of any irrecoverable loans or advances.

NOTE—In the case of loans granted under Acts XIX of 1883 and XII of 1884 the remission of irrecoverable balances may be sanctioned, or the recovery suspended in accordance with the rules contained in Chapter XI of the (Revised) Takavi Rules.

239. In the case of revenue advances, it is the duty of the revenue authorities, as soon as any such advance is ascertained to be irrecoverable, to cause the amount of it to be written off the accounts, and to advice the Accountant General, in order that he may charge off the amount as expenditure and direct its being written off the Treasury plus and minus memorandum. Such irrecoverable advances should nevertheless be registered by the revenue authorities in a separate account or record, in order that any possible eventual recovery may be made; but they will not affect the treasury plus and minus memorandum, and any recoveries will be taken as revenue.

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