Preparation and Sanctioning of Estimates

273. (a) No estimate will be prepared for annual repairs. The system of lump sum contracts based on competitive tendering will be adopted, as far as possible, but repairs may be executed by departmental agency when suitable contractors are not obtainable. (See paragraphs 307 and 307-A). When contracts are given on the result of competitive tendering the local officers may exceed the annual repair grant for one building or group of buildings, provided there is no excess on the total grant for the buildings in his charge, but he will report the net saving to the departmental head for absorption into his reserve. He will at the same time supply the Accountant General with a list of the contracts entered into.

NOTE—The local officer should submit a statement to the departmental head showing excesses and savings on the grants in his list by such date as may be fixed by the Head of the Department for the purpose.

(b) No estimates will be prepared for quadrennial repairs to residential buildings or special repairs to non-residential buildings for which plans are unnecessary provided the work is to be done on lump sum contract basis and competitive tendering is insisted on. The local officer will apply as early as possible in the financial year for allotments for such works on a rough forecast, and non receipt of allotments from the reserve at the disposal of the Head of the Department will call for tenders. Where contracts have been entered into he will supply the Head of the Department and the Accountant General with lists of contracts.

(c) Detailed estimates are required for special repairs to a residential building and for works involving structural alterations or additions to any building where plans or drawings are required. These estimates will be submitted by the local officer through the Head of the Department to the Divisional Engineer concerned who will check them and return them to the departmental head for sanction and the allotment of funds (see paragraph 272-C). The departmental head will send one copy of this sanction to the local officer and one copy to the Accountant General.

NOTES—(1) Whenever necessary the local officer may, with the approval of the Head of the department, obtain technical advice from a private agency on the preparation of estimates for or the execution of special repairs, provided that any expenditure or fees for such advice is met from the provision for repairs.

(2) In the case of special repairs involving structural difficulties or needing technical knowledge it shall be at the option of the departments to request the Public Works Department to carry them out. The Public Works Department shall at their discretion carry out such works for the departments but in the case of works undertaken on behalf of a Commercial Department they would levy the usual percentage charges.

(3) The estimates for the rent-free residential buildings meant for the Forest staff below the rank of Range Officers may not be sent to the Divisional Engineer for check but may be sanctioned by the Forest Officer concerned in accordance with the power of sanction enumerated in Appendix IV of the Financial Handbook, Volume VII.

(d) In the case of estimates pertaining to residential buildings, the local officers should attach to each estimate a certificate to the effect that the amount included in the estimate is not greater than the sum allowed in the rent statement. If, in any case, the local officers demand more than the normal grant, they must support their demand with reasons.

274. (a) All estimates for special repairs to residential buildings, when sent to the divisional engineer will be accompanied by the sanctioned rent statement. If in accordance with Subsidiary Rule 29-C, Financial Handbook, Volume II, an increase in the capital value of the building is involved the Divisional Engineer will, in addition to making the allocation between repairs and original works, revise the rent statement. When revising the rent statement, the divisional engineer should keep in view the instruction laid down in paragraph 282-A, and Annexure B.

(b) The head of the department will sanction all estimates for buildings for which rent statements are not maintained but for buildings for which rent statements are maintained he will sanction only such estimates as contain no items chargeable to original works. All other estimates, viz., those containing items chargeable to original works and relating to buildings for which rent statements are maintained, will be sent by him with the accompanying papers to the Government for sanction (see paragraph 279).

NOTE—For rules relating to estimates for special repairs or additions and alterations to electric installations, see paragraph 277.

275. (Deleted).

275-A. In the absence of orders to the contrary from competent authority, a disbursing officer may continue to incur expenditure on the following classes of works from the commencement of a financial year :

I—All original works in progress at the end of the previous financial year;

II—Expenditure on repair works in progress and on ordinary regular repairs, and

III—Maintenance of tools and plant and the liability arising from the previous year in respect of any purchases.

275-B. Local officers will enter into contracts for all classes of repairs to the limit of the allotment for each building. They may enter into contracts in excess of individual allotments subject to the following conditions :

(a) There should be no excess on the total allotment for any one class of repairs.

(b) The tenders in excess of individual allotments should not be the only tenders received for the works in question. If there is an excess on the total allotment inspite of competition the contracts will be reduced by striking out complete items from the schedules of work and the work omitted reported to the Head of the Department. If there is an excess and no competition the local officer will either invite fresh tenders or submit the single tenders received with details of quantities and rates in support of the lump sum tendered to the Dead of the department for acceptance.

276. (Deleted).

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