Form of Drafts

321-A. Drafts shall be issued in special forms to be obtained from the Currency Officer under paragraph 336.

321-B. Immediately on receipt of a parcel of forms of Drafts they shall be carefully examined by the Treasury Officer and a proper acknowledgement sent to the Currency Officer. The acknowledgement shall certify that the forms have been counted and found correct.

321-C. The forms of Drafts and of Advices shall be placed in store under the key of the Treasury Officer who should each morning issue the book or books containing Draft forms and the Advice forms, for the day’s use. He must be careful not to issue a book of a later serial number before an earlier, and therefore should see that the store is so arranged as to prevent mistakes. Every evening the unused forms will be returned to him and he should see that this series is unbroken, that no form is kept back unissued unless it be spoilt and that the number of Draft forms expended in the day agrees with the total number listed in the "Schedule of Reserve Bank of India Remittances Drawn" for the day.

Officers signing Drafts shall destroy spoilt Draft forms after noting in the remarks column of the "Register of Reserve Bank of India Remittances Drawn" (Form T.A. 25) under their full signature the printed numbers of the forms destroyed and certifying that the forms have been cancelled and destroyed.

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