FORM No. 33

(See Chapter XIII, paragraph 310)

Detailed Bill of Works Expenditure


NOTE—Advances drawn in connection with the execution of works the cost of which does not exceed Rs. 20,000 should be accounted for this bill.




19 .

Head of service


Major head

Name of work.

Minor head—Works

Amount of estimate.

Detailed head Petty works/Maintenance and repairs

Reference to agreement.

Serial nos. of sub-vouchers

Quantity executed

Description of charge, and date of authority (where special sanction is necessary), items of works






Carried over Rs.


1. I certify that the expenditure charged in this bill could not, with due regard to the interest of the public service, be avoided. I have satisfied myself that the charges entered in this bill have been really paid. Vouchers for all items of expenditure above Rs. 25 in amount, all work bills are attached to the bill. I have as far as possible, obtained vouchers for other sums, and am responsible that they have been so destroyed, defaced or mutilated, that they can not be used again.


2. If certify that in the case of stores purchased all articles detailed in the vouchers attached to this bill and in those retained in my office have been duly received in good order and accounted for in the register,-and that the quantities are correct, the quality is good, the rates paid are not in excess of the accepted and market rates and that suitable notes of payment have been recorded against the indents and invoices to prevent double payments.


†3. I certify that special circumstances have rendered the excess expenditure over the monthly proportion of budget grant under the head_____ necessary, and that a report of the circumstances has been sent to the Controlling Officer.


4. I certify that before the payment of the final bill in respect of the above work a certificate has been obtained from the Architect

Consulting Engineer

Divisional Engineer


regarding the correctness of the account in the form prescribed in paragraph 314 of the Account Rules.


Name _____


Office _____


Dated_____19 . Total, Rs. (words)


Deduct—amount disallowed from sub-voucher no.______


,, ,, no.


†This certificate is to be scored out when this form is to be used by officers who have no Controlling Officers.

Passed for Rs. ______________________________________________________

1. I certify that in support of every charge of more than Rs. 25 made in this bill a receipt or other voucher has been given to me and is now in my possession. The receipts and voucher for items in excess of Rs. 1000 are attached to the bill, and I am responsible that the receipts and vouchers for all other items of more than Rs. 25 are in proper form and order and that they have been so cancelled that they cannot be again used to support claims against the Government. All work bills are also appended.

Alternative certificates one of which must be scored out.

2. I certify that I have satisfied myself that special circumstances have rendered the temporary excess expenditure over the monthly proportionate budget grant under the head_____necessary.

3. I certify that there has been no excess expenditure over the monthly proportion of the budgetg rant.

Name _____

Dated_____19 .

Office _____

Memorandum reconciling the sums drawn during the month from the Treasury with those included in this bill

Drawn on Abstract Contingent Bill

no._____, dated


,, ,,

no._____, dated


,, ,,

no._____, dated


,, ,,

no._____, dated


Add amount of disallowance refunded


Total of Bill


For use in A.G.’s Office


Allotment of 19—19—


C.A.R. Page

Expenditure including this bill.


Admitted, for Rs.


Objected to, Rs.

Amount of work bills annexed.


For reasons noted below

Balance available


Auditor Superintendent,