1. These rules may be called the Uttar Pradesh Fundamental Rules. They shall come into force with effect from April 1, 1942.

Nothing in these rules shall, however, be construed as affecting or invalidating any rules or orders made, or any rights, privileges or concessions accrued or granted to government servants, or any leave earned by them, or any pay or allowances fixed, under the rules in force immediately before the introduction of these rules, and all rules and orders and all such rights, privileges, concessions, leave, pay and allowances shall continue to remain operative in the same manner as they would have been operative under the said rules and shall, so far as may be, be deemed to have been made, earned or granted under the appropriate provisions of these rules.

2. These rules apply to all government servants the conditions of whose service have been or may be prescribed by the Governor under sub-section (2) (b) of section 241 of the Act.

3. and 4. [ * * * ]

5. The power to make rules or issue general orders under these rules shall be exercised by the Governor in the manner prescribed by the rules made by him under sub-section (3) of section 59 of the Act.

6. The Governor may delegate to any subordinate authorities under his control, subject to any conditions which he may think fit to impose, any power exercised by him under these rules with the following exceptions:

(a) the power to make rules;

(b) powers under rules 6, 9 (6) (b), 44, 45-A, 45-C, 83, 108-A, 119, 121 and 127(c), and by the first proviso to clause (1) of rule 30.

(For delegations of powers made by the Governor under this rule and rule 7, see Part IV of this volume).

7. No powers may be exercised or delegated under these rules except after consultation with the Finance Department. It shall be open to that department to prescribe, by general or special order, cases in which its consent may be presumed to have been given.

Note—For powers delegated under these rules, see Part IV of this volume.

8. [* * *]

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