58. Unless in any case it be otherwise distinctly provided, the rules in this Chapter apply to all government servants mentioned in rule 2: provided that the leave of those government servants who were in service on January 1, 1922, and who have under rule 58 of the Fundamental Rules made by the Secretary of State in Council under section 96-B of the Government of India Act, 1919, elected (by making a specific declaration to the Government to that effect) to remain under the leave rules in the Civil Service Regulations shall be governed by those rules.

59. †Except as provided in Fundamental Rules 83 and 83-A, leave is earned by a government servant under Sections I to V of this Chapter if he holds a lien on a permanent post or would hold a lien on such a post had his lien not been suspended.

Exception—Government servants who hold quasi-permanent posts in the Settlement Department in a substantive capacity shall earn leave under Sections I to V of this Chapter.

NOTE—The following posts in the Settlement Department have been declared to be on a quasi-permanent footing from the date mentioned against each post:

(a) In the office of the Settlement Commissioner


One Superintendent

From April 1, 1941.


Three noters and drafters


One accountant-cum-store-keeper


One reference clerk

From April 1, 1940.


One camp clerk-sarishtedar


One camp assistant to Settlement Commissioner

(b) In Settlement Offices


Head clerk


Second clerk


Sadar munsarim

From October 1, 1899.


Settlement Officer’s reader





†(This rule has come into effect from April 1, 1966).

Audit instruction regarding rule 59

There is no restriction in these rules on the grant to a government servant on the abolition of his post of such leave as was admissible to him immediately before the abolition of the post. In the case of a government servant who holds no lien on any post except that which it is proposed to abolish, the correct practice in deciding the exact date from which the post is to be abolished is to defer the date of abolition up to the termination of such leave as may be granted.

60. Leave is earned by duty only. For the purpose of this rule a period spent in foreign service counts as duty if contribution towards leave-salary is paid on account of such period.

61 to 63. * * *

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