Rules made by the Governor under Fundamental Rule 66

35. Any leave, other than disability leave, admissible under the Fundamental Rules, may be granted to a non-gazetted government servant by the authority whose duty it would be to fill up his post if it were vacant, or such other competent authority mentioned in Part IV of this volume.

[See note 2 below rule 66 of the U.P. Fundamental Rules]

36. Leave to a gazetted government servant ordinarily requires the sanction of the Government, but may be granted by the competent authority to the extent mentioned in Part IV of this volume. In all cases of leave to a gazetted government servant a report as to the admissibility of the leave must first be obtained from the Accountant General.

[See notes under rule 66 of the Uttar Pradesh Fundamental Rules in Part II of this volume].

37. The powers in rules 35 and 36 above are not to be exercised in cases in which leave granted to a government servant will extend beyond the date on which he must compulsorily retire from service. All such cases require the previous sanction of the Government.

NOTE—The date of compulsory retirement is the date on which the government servant attains the age of superannuation under Fundamental Rule 56-viz. 58 years or 60 years, as the case may be. In the case of leave preparatory to retirement whilst the authority empowered to sanction leave under rules 35 and 36 above can sanction it, that authority should refer the case to Government if it proposes to refuse the leave on public grounds, of the order of the Governor regarding Fundamental Rule 86. Sanction of Government should also be obtained in all cases in which it is proposed to grant leave to government servants who have been allowed an extension of service under Fundamental Rule 56.

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