Rules made by the Governor under rule 104(b) of the Uttar Pradesh Fundamental Rules.

NOTE—The rules in this chapter apply only to government servants under the rule-making power of the Governor. They do not apply to officers appointed by the Secretary of State.

169. * * *

[See rule 1A(1) and (4)].

170. Leave may be granted to a probationer if it is admissible under the leave rules which would be applicable to him if he held his post substantively otherwise than on probation.

171. * * *

172. Leave of the following kinds may be granted to an apprentice:

(a) On medical certificate, leave on leave-salary equivalent to half pay for a period not exceeding one month in any year of apprenticeship.

(b) Extraordinary leave under Fundamental Rule 85, provided that in the case of an apprentice appointed on or after January 1, 1936, the extraordinary leave shall not exceed three months at any one time.

NOTE—(1) Service as an apprentice even if followed by appointment substantively in a permanent post does not qualify for leave under rule 77 or under clause (1) of rule 81-B of the Uttar Pradesh Fundamental Rules.

NOTE—(2) For purposes of this rule supernumerary kanungos come within the definition of "apprentice" as given in Subsidiary Rule 1 A (1).

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