Statement I

List of authorities who are declared to be heads of departments for the purpose of the Fundamental Rules in Part I the Uttar Pradesh Fundamental Rules in Part II and the Subsidiary Rules in Part III of this Volume.

(1) The Board of Revenue.

(2) The High Court of Judicature, Allahabad.

(3) Rt. Revd. the Bishop of Lucknow.

(4) Commissioners of Divisions including the Collector-in-charge of the Jhansi Division and the Deputy Commissioner-in-charge of the Kumaun Division.

(5) The Chief Conservator of Forests.

(6) Chief Engineer, Public Works Department.

(7) The Director of Education.

(8) The Director of Medical and Health Services.

(9) The Inspector General of Police.

(10) The Inspector General of Prisons.

(11) The Legal Remembrancer.

(12) Conservators of Forests.

(13) Superintending Engineers, Public Works Department.

(14) Chief Engineer, Local Self-Government Engineering Department.

(15) The Director of Agriculture.

(16) The Director of Industries.

(17) The Commissioner of Excise.

(18) The Inspector General of Registration.

(19) The Registrar, Co-operative Societies.

(20) The Director of Animal Husbandry.

(21) The Director of Land Records.

(22) The Settlement Commissioner.

(23) The Superintending Engineers Electricity, Department.

(24) The Advocate General.

(25) Secretaries to Government.

(26) The Labour Commissioner.

(27) The Rural Development Officer.

(28) The Chief Mechanical Engineer, Industries Department.

(29) The Cane Commissioner.

(30) Economic Adviser and Director of Statistics, Uttar Pradesh.

(31) The Principal Veterinary College, Mathura.

(32) The Director of Panchayats.

(33) Electrical Inspector to Government, Uttar Pradesh.

(34) Nideshak, Harijan tatha Samaj Kalyan, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

(35) Consolidation Commissioner, U. P., Lucknow.

(36) Director, National Cadet Corps, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

(37) Director, of Geology and Mining, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

(38) Secretary, Uttar Pradesh, Vidhan Mandal.

(39) The Chairman, Public Service Commission, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad.

(40) The Superintendent, Printing and Stationery, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad.

(41) Director, Administrative Training Institute, Nainital.

(42) Mukhya Vitta Adhikari, Zila Parishads, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

(43) Director of U.P. State Observatory, Naini Tal.

(44) Director of Ayurvedic and Unani Services, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

(45) Director of Vigilance, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

(46) President and Member, Administrative Tribunal, U.P. and Chairman, Vigilance Commission, Lucknow.

(47) Director, Civil Defence-cum-Commandant General, Home Guards, Uttar Pradesh.

(48) Director, Horticulture and Fruit Utilisation, Uttar Pradesh.

(49) Registrar, Firms and Societies and Chitts, Uttar Pradesh.


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