Colonial Leave Salary Warrant

(G. G. Form no. I-A)

Debitable to

(For Uncovenanted Services)


Warrant no. ————of 19 .

Mr. ————having been granted leave for a period of ————months and ————days under orders of the Government of ———— is hereby allowed the privilege of drawing his leave-salary at ————from ————.

2. His leave-salary will be as shown below and will be payable monthly in sterling converted from rupees at 1s. 6d. a rupee but will be subject to the following maxima and minima:


Rate in rupees a month

Minimum rate of exchange

Maximum a month

Minimum a month

From to


From to


From to


3. The payments should be charged to the High Commissioner for India for appropriation by him of the leave-salary under the following heading:

4. The paying officer is requested to take steps to ensure that when the government servant returns to India, he draws leave-salary in the Dominion or Colony up to the day before that on which the vessel by which he returns is due to arrive at the Asiatic Port of disembarkation.

5. The following deductions are to be made from the leave salary at each month before payment:

Superior Services (India) Family Pension Funds:



Per month from]





Arrears, if any


Where the amount of a deduction is expressed in rupees, it shall be converted into sterling at the same rates as the leave-salary from which it is deducted.

Accountant General


Dated at 19 .



Name rank and description of payee

Period for which payment is made

Monthly rate


Signature of paying officer

Receipt of payee







One copy of this warrant will be retained by-----and will be given up to the Audit Officer in India on his return to India. Each payment will be recorded on the reverse of the copies by the Colonial Disbursing Officer and by-----and will be certified by the paying officer and receipted by-----.

NOTES—(1) Leave-salary is payable in rupees to Government servants residing in Ceylon during their leave (Fundamental Rule 91).

(2) The Signature of the Government servants concerned should be obtained on "the original" copy of the warrants.

(3) The rate of conversior will be 1s. 6d. The maximum rates of leave-salary are those prescribed in Fundamental Rule 89 and the minimum rates are those prescribed in Fundamental Rule 90.

(4) In the case of government servants to whom the rule regarding the grant of passages to civilian personnel of British Domicile, engaged for service in India, apply, an additional entry should be made showing whether they and their families were given the benefit of Rule VII, and whether they were allowed a similar benefit under either Rule VII or Rule VIII on returning to India.

(5) The paying officer except in the case of a Dominion, or Colony which accounts direct to India, is requested to advise the High Commissioner for India, India House, Aldwych, London, W. C. 2, promptly on the government servant’s departure from such Dominion or Colony, whether for India, England or any Dominion or Colony giving particulars of amounts of pay issued and of any deduction therefrom.

(6) The particulars of all outstanding advances (including passage advances) should be noted under item 4. In the case of motor car and similar advances, the date from which the recovery of monthly instalments should be effected, should be stated.

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