[Ad. G. Form F. R. 4.]


[See paragraph (18) of the Instructions in Appendix ‘A’ at the end of Part III]

The Accountant General’s letter to the government servant proceeding on leave out of India.



With reference to the order noted in the margin, granting you leave out of India, I have the honour to say that it is necessary for you to obtain from me a leave-salary certificate to enable you to draw your leave-salary.

2. To enable me to prepare your leave-salary certificate it is necessary that you send me the information asked for in the enclosed Form no. 5, and also your formal certificate of giving over charge of your office, date and hour at your earliest convenience.

3. If you are in, or intend to pass through, Allahabad your certificate will be prepared, and your pay and allowances paid up to the date before your leave commences, except in the case referred to in paragraph 4 below, on your calling personally at my office and presenting a last pay certificate from the officer from whom you last drew your pay and allowances. Otherwise I shall cause the leave-salary certificate to be sent to the address specified by you and the pay and allowances to be paid through the officer from whom you draw your pay and allowances.

4. Leave-salary due for the first four months of leave on average pay taken by itself or in combination with other leave may be drawn either in India or out of India. If you desire to draw it in India, a separate leave-salary certificate for this portion of the leave will be issued but you will be allowed to draw the pay and allowances for the broken period of the months up to the date of relief only at the commencement of the next month along with the leave-salary for the rest of the months.

5. If you wish to draw your leave-salary in India under the provision of paragraph 4 above you should either grant your agents a power-of-attorney or leave your bills ready signed in their custody for presentation as they fall due. A guarantee bond undertaking to refund over-payments should be furnished by your agents unless they have executed a general bond of indemnity.

(NOTE—Paragraphs 4 and 5 do not apply to non-gazetted government servants who have to draw their leave-salary through the head of the office and should be omitted from the letters addressed to them.)

6. I send herewith a copy of a Memo. of Information for the guidance of government servants proceeding on leave out of India and a blank form (Form no. 9) of the date of leaving India to be signed and sent to me from the first port at which your vessel touches.

7. If you wish to draw your leave-salary in a Colony please send the three specimens of your signature.

Accountant General.

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