[G. G. Form No. 2]


[See paragraph (22) of the Instructions in Appendix ‘A’ at the end of Part III.]

Certificate of leave


Proceeding out of India.

1. Government under which employed.

2. Post last held.

3. Nature of leave granted.

4. Date of commencement of leave.

5. Date of expiry of leave.

6. Whether a medical certificate of fitness must be produced before return to duty.

7. Amount of leave expressed in terms of leave on average pay at the government servant’s credit on the expiry of the present leave.

8. Period of leave on average pay which might under Fundamental Rule 81 be granted if the present leave were extended (Further particulars required in the case of military officers in civil employ.)

9. Date of entry under Civil Leave Rules.

10. Amount of leave at credit at commencement of present leave:

Earned in respect of service under Military rules.

Earned in respect of service under Civil rules.

The 19



NOTE 1—No leave-salary is payable on this certificate.

NOTE 2—This certificate must be produced before the High Commissioner with any application for an extension of leave or permission to return to duty or the grant of a last pay certificate.

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