(D) Halt during absence from headquarters

(1) Daily allowance, provided that daily allowance may not be drawn for more than ten days of a halt at one place.

NOTE 1—Daily allowance is admissible under this rule only for such days as a government servant spends in camp on duty. Should a holiday or holidays intervene, daily allowance is admissible only if the government servant is actually in camp whether he does any work or not. If a government servant leaves his camp on private business either during holidays or on casual leave, no traveling allowance of any kind shall be admissible for the days of his absence. Daily allowance may, however, be drawn for the day of departure from or arrival in camp, provided that (1) the actual halt in camp on the day in question is not less than 12 hours, and (2) the government servant performs the full day’s work.

NOTE 2—A halt is continuous unless terminated by an absence on duty at a distance exceeding eight kilometres for a period exceeding five days. A break in a halt at a particular place, which does not exceed five days, will not be deemed to break the continuity of the halt at that place even when government servant returns to that place after a visit to headquarters. The broken periods of such a halt will be treated as parts of the same halt for the purpose of the restrictions in clause (2) of this rule (below) regarding the drawal of halting allowance at full rates for the period of first 30 days and thereafter at half of those rates upto a period of one hundred and fifty days.

NOTE 2-A—If a government servant proceeds on leave, other than casual leave, while on tour and returns to duty at the end of the leave to the same place of tour, the continuity of his halt at that place should not be deemed to have broken unless the period of his absence on leave exceeds 14 days, in which case the period of his halt at that place prior to his proceeding on leave shall not be taken into account in calculating the ten days referred to in this rule.

NOTE 3—In calculating the ten days referred to above, any day on which a government servant does not actually draw daily allowance, e.g. when he leaves his camp on private business either during holidays or on casual leave, or remains in camp on casual leave, or when he travels or halts outside the eight kilometres radius, should be excluded.

NOTE 4—After the expiry of ten days a government servant may draw travelling allowance under the ordinary rules for journeys from the halting place,even though followed by a return to it.

NOTE 5—For the purposes of rule 26 the halting place should be considered the government servant’s temporary headquarters.

(2) Exemptions from the operation of proviso in clause (1) will be sanctioned by the Government or by authorities subordinate to the Government to whom the power may have been delegated (See Appendix X), only when they are satisfied that the prolonged halt is necessary in the interest of the Government work. Subject to the general exemptions by the Government which will be found in Appendix III, the rate of daily allowance after the first thirty days of a halt shall be reduced to one-half of the admissible rate and no daily allowance shall be granted after 180 days of a halt. Exceptional cases which present special features and which would justify the grant of daily allowance at more than one-half of the admissible rate should be referred for the orders of the Government.

(3) Daily allowance for halt during training at a place other than the headquarters

The restrictions mentioned in clauses (1) and (2) will, however, not be applicable in the case of government servants deputed on training and in their case daily allowance will be admissible for a maximum period of 180 days as noted below:

(i) For the first 45 days—at full rate.

(ii) For the next 135 days—at half the rate.

(iii) Above 180 days—Nil.

(iv) In case of training lasting for more than 180 days the government servant will have option to accept the daily allowance at the above rates or, in the alternative, he may charge travelling allowance for himself only, at the transfer rates. In the latter case no daily allowance will be admissible during the period of training.

NOTE—In case the government servant is granted any scholarship or any other financial assistance during the training period then an equivalent amount will be deducted from the amount of the daily allowance admissible to him. In case the total amount of scholarship or financial assistance exceeds the total amount of daily allowance admissible to him and he chooses to avail of that facility then no daily allowance will be admissible.

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