Journeys to join First Appointment

44. [Deleted.]

45. (1) Travelling allowance will not be granted to any person appointed in India for the journey to join his first appointment without the sanction of the Government.

NOTES—(1) When travelling allowance is specially sanctioned under this clause, the ordinary rates admissible to the category of government servants to which the person concerned will belong after joining his appointment must not be exceeded.

(2) A government servant thrown out of employment by reduction of establishment or abolition of post or a pensioner may, on re-appointment be granted by the authority competent to sanction that re-appointment, travelling allowance at the ordinary rates for such part of the journey from his residence to his new station.

NOTES—(1) No allowance is admissible for halts on the journeys referred to in this rule.

(2) Temporary medical officers recruited for epidemic duty or in connection with the Magh Melas and Kumbh and Ardh-Kumbh Melas at Allahabad and Hardwar as also sanitary inspectors and vaccinators employed under local bodies, whose services are requisitioned for duty in connection with those Melas, may be granted travelling allowance at ordinary rates by the Director of Medical, Health and Family Welfare for journeys undertaken by them to join their first appointments.

(3) A government servant, whether of the Central Government or the Uttar Pradesh Government or any other State Government who is, on his own application, appointed to a post under the Uttar Pradesh Government while on duty in his old post will not be entitled to any travelling allowance for joining his new post, unless he is specially selected on public as opposed to private grounds and has applied for the appointment not on his own initiative but on application being invited by Government from the category of officials to which he belonged. Before any stipulation for the grant of travelling allowance to such a person is made in the advertisement or notification calling for applications, the concurrence of Government in the Finance Department should be obtained.

Exception—A government servant who, while holding a permanent post in a substantive capacity either under the Uttar Pradesh Government or the Central Government or any other State Government, is appointed to a post under the Uttar Pradesh Government on the results of a competition examination which is open to both government servants and others or as a result of selection after interview and is granted injunctions say, will be entitled to travelling allowance at transfer rates under rule 42 for the journey to take his appointment.

(4) [Deleted.]

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