Journeys to receive decorations and Certificates of Honours, etc.

65. (1) A government servant who is summoned or permitted to visit Delhi to receive the decorations of "Padma Vibhushan", "Padma Bhushan" and "Padma Shri" and "Certificates of Honour" in Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic away from his headquarters is entitled to draw travelling allowance at ordinary rates as admissible to him under rules:

Provided that if he is on leave at the time of undertaking the journey, he shall be entitled to draw actual railway fare of entitled class from the station where he is spending leave to Delhi and back, without incidental expenses or daily allowance.

(2) [Deleted.]

(3) Travelling allowance for the journeys undertaken by government servants or the dependents or relatives of a deceased government servant on the occasion of attending a fuaction for the distribution of awards for excellent and meritorious work will be admissible at the rates and on the conditions given below:

(a) Government servants—

(i) When the government servant is on duty, travelling allowance will be allowed at ordinary rates under the rules applicable to him.

(ii) If the government servant is on leave, actual expenses by rail journey from the station where leave is being spent to the station where the function is held, and vice versa, will be allowed but no daily allowance and incidental expenses will be admissible.

(iii) A retired government servant will be allowed travelling allowance at the rates at which it would have been admissible to him according to the category to which he would belong had he been in Government service, subject to the conditions mentioned in sub-clauses (b) (i) to (ii) below.

(b) Dependent/relative (not more than one) of the deceased government servant—

(i) For journeys between places connected by rail—Railway fare of the class (excluding air-conditioned coach) to which the government servant would have been entitled, or the fare of the class in which journey is actually performed, whichever is less. If the journey is performed by road, then the expenses will be limited to the railway fare, referred to above.

(i) For journeys between places not connected by rail—Actual expenses limited to the expenditure which would have been admissible to the deceased government servant for journey by road.

(iii) Daily allowance for two days, i.e., for the day of rehearsal and the day of actual function will be admissible at the rate as would have been admissible to the deceased government servant. If, however, the arrival is one day before the rehearsal date and departure one day after the function date, then for such two days additional daily allowance will be admissible at half of the above-mentioned rates.

(iv) Prior permission of the Government will be necessary for bringing an escort, but in no case more than one escort will be allowed. Travelling allowance for the escort will be at the same rate as admissible to the dependent of the deceased government servant, but no daily allowance and incidental expenses will be admissible to the escort.

(v) Deputy Secretary to Government, General Administration Department, will be the controlling officer in respect of the travelling allowance of the non-officials and the retired government servants.

65-A. [Deleted.]

65-B. [Deleted.]

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