Form of temporary Security Bond with sureties when the security money is to be recovered in monthly instalments from pay

KNOW all men by these presents that we* 末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末 son of 覧覧覧覧預nd resident of覧覧覧覧覧預nd 覧覧覧覧son of 覧覧覧覧覧覧 and resident of 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 and 覧覧覧覧son of 覧覧覧覧覧 and resident of 覧覧預re held and firmly bound to the Governor of Uttar Pradesh (hereinafter called the 賎overnor which expression includes his successors or assigns) in the sum of Rupees覧覧覧(in words Rupees覧覧覧) to be paid to the Governor for which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and representatives jointly and severally.

WHEREAS the above bounden *覧覧覧覧was on the覧妖ay of覧覧覧覧19 appointed to and now holds and exercises the office of覧覧覧覧.

AND WHEREAS by virtue of such office the said *覧覧覧揺as amongst other duties the care of, and responsibility for, the safe and proper storing and keeping in the places appointed for the custody thereof **覧覧覧.

AND WHEREAS the said*覧覧覧擁s bound, whenever called upon so to do, to show to his superior officers that the said property is at all times intact in the places aforesaid and is bound to keep true and faithful account of the said property ;

AND WHEREAS the said*覧覧覧覧覧has been ordered to furnish in consideration of his said appointment a security of Rupees 覧庸or the purpose of in part securing and indemnifying the Governor against all loss or damage which he might suffer by reason of the said property or any part thereof being wasted, embezzled, stolen, mis-spent or lost, dishonestly, negligently or otherwise by himself the said* 末末末末末末末

AND WHEREAS the said* 覧覧覧溶ot being in a position to deposit the

*Principal 1st Surety 2nd Surety **Here detail money. Government currency notes, stamps, goods, chattels, or effects.

said security in a lump sum has been allowed to pay the same by monthly deductions from his pay at the rate of 10 per cent of the pay on condition of his executing a bond binding himself personally and by two sureties for the whole amount of Rupees覧覧until the same has been recovered by such monthly deductions as aforesaid ;

AND WHEREAS the said * and the said*覧覧覧覧覧預nd 覧覧末末as the said*覧覧覧痴 sureties have therefore entered into the above written bond in the penal sum of Rupees覧覧覧覧conditioned for the due performance by the said*覧覧熔f the duties of his office and the other duties appertaining thereto or which may be lawfully required of him during the period in which any portion of the aforesaid security money remains unpaid, and for the indemnity of the Governor against loss or damage from the acts or defaults of the said*覧覧覧覧occurring during the said period.

NOW the condition of the above written bond is such that if the said *覧覧has during the period in which any portion of the aforesaid security money has remained unpaid always duly performed and fulfilled the said duties of the said office and the other duties aforesaid or if the said*覧覧覧預nd the said*覧覧覧覧預nd 覧覧覧覧耀hall indemnify the Governor from all and末末 every such loss and damage as aforesaid which during the said period has happened, then the above written bond or obligation shall be void and of no effect, otherwise the same shall be and remain in full force and virtue.

PROVIDED ALWAYS and it is hereby agreed and declared that neither of them, the said *覧覧覧and 覧覧覧覧and 覧覧覧耀hall be at liberty to terminate their suretyship before the aforesaid security money has been recovered by monthly deductions as aforesaid or has otherwise been paid in full during the said period except upon giving to the District Officer for the time being of覧覧覧熔r the Government of Uttar Pradesh six calendar months notice in writing of his or their intention so to do, and their joint and several liability under this bond shall continue in respect of all omissions until the expiration of the said period of six month or until the aforesaid security money has been recovered or paid in full, whichever event first happens.

AND it is hereby agreed and declared by and between the said*覧預nd the said覧覧覧預nd覧覧覧as the said*覧覧sureties and the Governor that if the said*覧覧覧要acates the said office of覧覧覧覧傭efore the said security money has been recovered or paid in full the money recovered or deposited as part of such security shall not be at once returned but

*Principal 1st Surety 2nd Surety **Here detail money. Government currency notes, stamps, goods, chattels, or effects.

shall continue to be held in the manner aforesaid for the term of six months as security against any loss that may have been incurred by the Governor owing to the neglect or default of the said*覧覧覧and which may not have been discovered until after the vacation of his office by the said *覧預nd if any breach of the conditions of the said bond is discovered after the repayment such repayment shall not affect the right of the Governor to take proceedings upon the said bond against the said*覧覧覧and 覧覧覧覧and 覧覧覧覧

AND the said 覧覧覧覧and 覧覧覧預nd 覧覧do hereby agree and declare that without prejudice to any remedy provided by this bond the Governor may on the certificate of the Secretary to the Government of Uttar Pradesh in the Administrative Department, which shall be final, conclusive and binding on the said*覧預nd 覧覧覧and 覧覧覧羊ecover all dues hereunder from them jointly or severall, as arrears of land revenue.

IN WITNESS to the above written bond and to all the terms and conditions hereinafter contained we have hereunto set our hands this覧覧day of覧覧覧19 corresponding to Saka Samvat覧覧

Signed by*覧覧覧覧擁n the presence of覧覧預nd of覧.

Signed by 覧覧覧in the presence of覧覧預nd of覧覧.

Signed by 覧覧覧擁n the presence of覧覧覧and of覧覧.


1st Surety

2nd Surety