Form of Fidelity Bond granted by an Insurance Company to the Governor of the Uttar Pradesh, guaranteeing fidelity of a Government Servant.

Bond no.—————date of Expiry————— First premium Rs.—————Sum Guaranteed Rs.—————Annual premium Rs.—————

WHEREAS—————(hereinafter called the "Servant") is in, or about to be taken into, the employment of the Government of the Uttar Pradesh (hereinafter called the "Government") in the capacity of————— and has, with the consent of the Government, applied to the—————(hereinafter called the "Company"), to guarantee his honest and faithful accounting for all moneys, stores, stamps or any other property received by, or entrusted to him, in such capacity.

AND WHEREAS the sum of Rupees—————has been paid to the Company as the premium or consideration for such guarantee commencing from the date of this Agreement and terminating on the thirty first day of March 19 .

NOW THEREFORE this agreement witnesseth that in consideration of the premises, and during the period commencing and terminating as aforesaid and afterwards during each succeeding year from the first day of April of each year, in respect of which the Annual Premium as above stated, shall, before, or on the 20th day of April, be paid to the Company, and the Company shall consent to receive the same, the Company doth hereby guarantee to Government, that the Servant shall, during the subsistence of this agreement, honestly and faithfully account to Government for all moneys, stores, stamps or any other property which he shall receive or be entrusted with on account of Government, and the Company guarantees, to the extent hereinafter mentioned, to indemnify Government against all loss, injury or damage in such moneys, stores, stamp or other property which the Government may in any way suffer or sustain by any act or acts of default, negligence, over-sight, fraud, misconduct of dishonesty of the Servant committed during the period for which the aforesaid premium has been paid by the Servant.

Provided that the sum recoverable under this agreement shall in no case exceed Rupees—————.

If any question or difference shall arise between the parties hereto or their respective representatives touching these presents or the construction hereof or as to the right, duties or obligations of any person hereunder or as to any other matter in anywise arising out of or connected with the subject matter of these presents the same shall be referred to a single arbitrator to be named by the Head of Department. The arbitrator so named shall be an officer of Government and shall have all powers conferred on arbitrators under the Indian Arbitration Act, and the costs of the reference and award shall be in the discretion of the arbitrator. The arbitrator may from time to time with the consent of the parties, enlarge the time for making and publishing the award. The making of an award in such reference shall be a condition precedent to any liability of the Company or any right of action against the Company in respect of such difference. If the Company shall disclaim liability for any claim hereunder and such claim shall not within twelve calendar months from the date of such disclaimer have been referred to arbitration under the provision herein contained then the claim shall for all purposes be deemed to have been abandoned and shall not thereafter be recoverable hereunder :

PROVIDED also that the Company reserves the right to insist upon prosecution of the Servant in the event of his dishonesty but the launching of the prosecution against the Servant shall in no case be a condition precedent to the liability of the company arising under this agreement.

In witness whereof the undersigned being duly authorised by the Directors of the Company has/have hereunto set his/their hand at—————this—————day of—————19 .

For the