(See Chapter VII, paragraph 129)

Statement of proposition of revision of establishment






Class or grade and designation of Government servants affected

Number in each class

Rates of pay

*Actual present cost of establishments affected

Approximate extra cost involved by these proposals

Present (a)

Proposed (b)

Present (a)

Proposed (b)

*In the case of district or divisional establishments the cost of the whole establishment or establishments affected should be given in lump without details, and in the case of establishments, the scale of which is fixed for the State as a whole the cost of the whole State scale should be entered. Where a new class is added to an existing establishment the whole of the existing cost of that establishment should be given.

Certified that I have examined the figures in columns 2 (a), 3 (a) and 4 and have checked the extra cost shown in column 5 with the proposed alterations and additions entered in column 2 (b) and 3 (b) and find it to be correct.

Accountant General.