(See Chapter VIII, paragraph 187)

Bills of contingencies countersigned before payment No.

NOTE—This form should be used in the case of bills countersigned by the controlling officer before payment.

District of

Detailed bill of contingent charges of for the month of , 19 .

Voucher no. of list of payments for, 19 .

Head of service

Number of sub-vouchers

Description of charge and number and date of authority for all charges requiring special sanction









Total Rs.

(1) I certify that the expenditure charged in this bill could not with due regard to the interest of the public service be avoided. I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the payments entered in this bill have been duly made to the parties entitled to receive them with the exceptions noted below, which exceed the balance of the permanent advance and will be paid on receipt for the money drawn on this bill. Vouchers for all items of expenditure above Rs. 1,000 in amount and all work bills are attached to this bill save those noted below with will be forwarded as soon as the amounts have been paid. I have, as for as possible obtained vouchers for other sums and am responsible that they have been so defaced or mutilated that they cannot be used again.

*(2) Certified that all the articles detailed in vouchers attached to the bill and in those retained in my office have been accounted for in the stock register.

(3) Certified that the purchases billed for have been received in good order, that their quantities are correct and their quality good, that the rates paid are not in excess of the accepted and the market rates and that suitable notes of payment have been recorded against the indents and invoice concerned to prevent double payments.

(4) Certified that—

(a) the expenditure on conveyance hire charged in this bill in terms of Rule 6 of Appendix X to the Financial Handbook, Volume V, Part I, was actually incurred, was unavoidable and is within the schedule scale of charges for the conveyance used, and

(b) the Government servant concerned is not entitled to draw travelling allowance under the ordinary rules for the journey, and he is not agranted any compensatory leave and does not and will not otherwise receive any special remuneration for the performance of the duty which necessitated the journey.





Appropriation for current year.


Expenditure including this bill.


Amount of work bills annexed.


Signature and designation of Drawing Officer.

Balance available.


For use of Controlling Officer

Passed for Rupees (in words).

I certify that in support of every charge of more than Rs. 50 made in this bill a receipt or other voucher has been given to me and is now in my possession. The receipt and vouchers for items in excess of Rs. 1,000 are attached to the bill, with the exceptions of those above Rs. 1,000 noted above which will be sent hereafter after payment and I am responsible that the receipts and vouchers for all other items of more than Rs. 50 are in proper form and order, and that they have been so

*This certificate is required when proper store accounts of materials and stores purchased are required to be maintained.

cancelled that they cannot be again used to support claims against the Government. All work bills are also appended.

Dated—————19 . Controlling Officer. (Signature) Designation


Pay Rupees ( ) ————————————————

Examined and entered.

Dated the—————19 .



Officer-in-charge Treasury.

Space for pre-audit enfacement in respect of bills submitted for pre-audit.

For use in Accountant General’s Office

Head of service chargeable

Admitted for Rs.


Objected to Rs.

Reasons for objection.



FORM NO. 18-A—[Deleted]