Form of Agreement to be executed at the time of drawing an advance for the purchase of land on which to construct a house

AN AGREEMENT MADE末末謀ay of 末末末 one thousand nine hundred and末末末corresponding to Saka Samwat末末烹ETWEEN 末末末son of 末末末 resident of末末 (designation)末末末(hereinafter called 奏he Borrower which expression shall include his legal representatives and assigns) of the one part and THE GOVERNOR OF UTTAR PRADESH (hereinafter called 奏he Governor) of the other part.

WHEREAS the Borrower has agreed to purchase for the purpose of erecting a house thereon the piece of land situate in末末 in the registration末末末district of末末穆ub-district末末末 thana末末末containing末末末more or less and bounded on the North by末末末on the South by末末末 on the East by末末末and on the West by末末末 for the sum of rupees 末末末;

AND WHEREAS the Borrower has under the provisions of the Account Rules of the Government of Uttar Pradesh (hereinafter referred as 奏he said Rules, which expression shall include any amendments thereof for the time being in force) applied to the Governor of Uttar Pradesh for a loan of rupees末末末to enable him to purchase the said piece of land and the Governor of Uttar Pradesh has agreed to lend the said sum of Rupees末末末to the Borrower on the terms and conditions hereinafter contained.

NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED between the parties hereto that in consideration of the sum of Rupees末末末paid by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh to the Borrower (the receipt of which the Borrower hereby acknowledges) the Borrower hereby agrees with the Governor of Uttar Pradesh (1) to repay the Governor of Uttar Pradesh the said amount with interest calculated according to the said Rules by monthly deductions from his salary as provided for by the said Rules and hereby authorises the Governor of Uttar Pradesh to make such deductions and (2) within one month from the date of these presents to expend the full amount of the said loan in the purchase of the said piece of land and if the actual price paid is less than the loan to repay the difference to the Governor forthwith and (3) to execute a document mortgaging the said piece of land and the house to be erected thereon to the Governor of Uttar Pradesh as security for the amount lent to the Borrower as aforesaid and interest in the form provided by the said Rule AND IT IS HEREBY FURTHER AGREED that the Borrower shall immediately he has purchased the said piece of land commence and erect thereon a suitable residence for his own use AND IT IS HEREBY ALSO AGREED AND DECLARED that if the said piece of land has not been purchased and mortgaged as aforesaid within one month from the date of these presents or if the Borrower within that period becomes insolvent or quits the service or dies the whole amount of the loan and interest accrued thereon shall immediately become due and payable. AND the Borrower doth hereby agree and declare that the Governor may, on the certificate of the Secretary to the State Government in the Administrative Department, which shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Borrower, recover all dues hereunder as arrears of land revenue. And it is hereby lastly agreed and declared that the Governor shall be entitled to recover the balance of the said advance with interest remaining unpaid at the time of the Borrower痴 retirement or death preceding retirement from the whole or any specified part of the gratuity that may be sanctioned to him.

IN WITNESS whereof the Borrower has hereunto set his hand the day and year first before written.

Signed by the said in the presence of:

(1) 沫覧覧覧覧覧蘭末紡ddress


(2) 沫覧覧覧覧覧蘭末紡ddress