FORM No. 30-F

[See Chapter XIII, paragraph 307-A]

Hand receipt


To be used as a simple form of voucher for all miscellaneous payments and advances.

Payee _____

Cash Book Voucher no. _____ dated_____, 19 .



Name of work ___________________

(1) Pay by_____Rupees ( ) _____to

Amount—Rs. ( ) _____


Initials of officer authorizing the payment _____

(2) Paid by me† _____

Date of payment _____

Received from the _____ in charge of_____ _____the sum of Rs. (_____)

Voucher no. _____dated_____, 19 .

Name of work‡ or purpose for which payment is made_____

Initials of officer making the payment_____




The_____, 19 . _____*Amount in words




Signature of payee.


*The officer authorizing payment should initial and date pay order scoring out the word "cheque" or "cash" as the case may be.

†The person actually making the payment should initial and date payment certificate (2).

‡In the case of works the accounts of which are kept by sub-heads the amount chargeable to each sub-head should be specified by the disbursing officer.

**Payment should be attested be some known persons when the payee’s acknowledgment is given by a mark, seal or thumb-impression.