Examination Fees

594. All fees tendered by candidates for examination will be received at the Treasury or the Bank. A single receipt only is to be given, that is, a duplicate may on no account be issued.

NOTE—In the case of Government examinations, when the fees from several candidates in a school are remitted into the Treasury in a lump sum, a single collective receipt for the whole amount will be issued.

595. If the amount, or any part of it, is to be refunded, a certificate will be endorsed upon the original receipts by the Secretary to the Board of Examiners, or the Secretary, Public Service Commission, Uttar Pradesh, as the case may be, specifying the amount to be refunded; and the amount so authorized will be paid on presentation of the original receipts so endorsed at the Treasury whence it was issued - the recipient giving his receipt below the endorsement.

NOTE—When a refund has to be made of a part of a lump sum remitted into the Treasury on behalf of several candidates in a school for which a single collective receipt has been issued, the procedure laid down in paragraphs 194 and 195 of these will be followed.

596. If the original amount was paid into the Reserve Bank of India at Calcutta, Bombay, Madras or Delhi the refund be will made (in accordance with above procedure) by the Accountant General.

Custody and Supply of Stamps

597. Rules for the supply and distribution of stamps of all descriptions will be found in the U. P. Stamp Manual.

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