NOTE—The rules in this Chapter are supplemented by the rules contained in Volume VII of the Handbook.


605. All sums paid into a Treasury by a government servant of the Forest Department or on his account should be credited to the Forest Department under the head, "882-Cash and Departmental Remittances-Forest Remittances."

606. Revenue collected at outlying stations may be remitted to Treasuries by means of money orders. In such cases, no duplicate chalan is tendered at the Treasury but the money received from the post office is credited without any chalan. An acknowledgement with the coupon of the money order is forwarded by the Treasury to the Divisional Forest Officer and also an advice of all the remittances received by money order on each day on which such transactions may occur.

607. Earnest-money deposits tendered by contractors or purchasers of forest produce are credited to revenue deposits and not to forest remittances, vide paragraph 340.

608. A Treasury Officer will receive forest revenue when paid in by or on behalf of a government servant of the Forest Department with or without his countersignature on the chalan. The chalan should, however, invariably show the Forest Division to which the money should be credited (see paras 36-39 of the Financial Handbook, Volume VII).

609. A simple schedule of Forest Remittances (Form 71) showing separately the cash received into the Treasury from each Forest Division and acknowledged in the consolidated treasury receipt (Form 71-A)should be prepared and submitted to the Accountant General.

610. Remittances by government servants of the Forest Department may be in cash or partly in cash and partly by cheque or wholly by cheque, the amount paid in cash and the amount remitted by cheques being shown separately in the chalan or remittance note.

611. A consolidated receipt (in Form no. 71-A) for the forest remittances received and credited during the month should be furnished by the Treasury Officer on the first of the ensuing month to each of the Divisional Forest Officers dealing with his Treasury.


612. Funds are supplied to officers in the Forest Department by means of cheques drawn on Treasuries, with which the drawing officers may be placed in account by the Accountant General concerned.

1. For refunds of earnest money deposited by contractors, see paragraph 346 (b).

2. For cheques received in payment of the value of service postage stamps, see paragraph 166.II.

613. The Treasury Officer will cash a cheque drawn by an officer holding charge of a Forest Sub-Division or range, provided that he has received from the Conservator instructions to that effect in writing. Such instructions must empower the officer personally and may specify the extent to which he may draw. That officer must not use the same cheque book as the Divisional Officer.

614. A Treasury Officer will endeavour to provide funds at a Sub-Treasury to meet the demands of an officer of the Forest Department for drawals at that Sub-Treasury provided that he has received due intimation from that officer of the probable amount to be so drawn; but see paragraph 436.

615. Each cheque paid will be entered in a schedule in Form no. 72 to be submitted to the Accountant General.

616. (Deleted)

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