FORM NO. 43-A, F. H. B., VOL. V, PART II

[See Paragraphs 417 and 478]

Chalan No..........Treasury/Sub-Treasury ...................................... Chalan of cash paid into the State/Reserve Bank of India at..............................

To be filled in by the remitter

To be filled in by the Departmental Officer or the Treasury*

By whom tendered

Name (or designation) and address of the person on whose behalf money is paid

Full particulars of the remittance and of authority (if any)


Head of Account

Order to the Bank*



Name Date........
            Receive and grant Receipt


Total Signature and full designation of the Officer ordering the money to be paid in
(In words) Rupees †To be used only in the case of remittances to Bank through an Officer of the Government.
Received payment (in words) Rupees Treasurer. Date

Treasury Officer



NOTES :-(1) In the case of payments at the Treasury receipts for sums less than Rs. 500 do not require the signature of the Treasury Officer but only of the Accountant and the Treasurer. Receipt for cash and cheque paid or service postage stamps should, however be given in Form no. 1-A (of paragraph 31 Financial Handbook, Volume V, Part I). These forms should be machine-numbered and bound in books of convenient sizes.

(2) The particulars of money tendered should be given on the reverse.

(3) In cases where direct credits at Bank are permissible, the column "Head of Account" will be filled in by the Treasury Officer or the Accounts Officer, as the case may be, on receipt of the Bank’s daily sheet.

(4) In the case of deposit at a Sub-Treasury, the depositors are not only required to deposit the money with the tahvildar but they are also required to take the chalan with which they deposit the money duly signed by the tahvildar in token of having received the amount, back to the Accountant for entry in the accounts and for the preparation of the forms receipt which should be duly signed by the Sub-treasury Officer. Government will not be responsible of any moneys deposited unless the procedure indicated above has been followed by the depositor.

Reverse of Form 43 A






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Cheques (with details)    



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