F. A. R. FORM No. 19

(See paragraph 138)


HEAD OF SERVICE——————VR. No.—————DATE—————

1. Name of work———————————————————————

2. Number of sanction—————————————————————

3. Amount of sanction—————————————————————

4. Name of contractor—————————————————————

5. Agreement no.———————, dated—————————————

6. Reference to Vr. no.———dated———on which previous payment was made.

7. Reference to measurement book no.——————and page—————(if necessary under paragraphs 136 and 137 of the Forest Account Rule s).

Quality of work executed

Item of work done or materials supplied



Value of work done


Since last bill

Up to date

Up to date

Since last bill


Total value of work done

Deduct value of work done on last bill

Total value of work done since last bill


Received the amount of Rs.——————— in par/full payment of my contract.

This amount of Rs.————————— has been disbursed by me.


The ——————19 . ———————

Passed for Rs.

———————Conservator Division——————Circle.

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