F.A.R. Form no. 31

(See paragraph 14 and Appendix I)


An Agreement made this_________day of_________19 , BETWEEN________son of_________caste______resident of______(hereinafter called the depositor) of the one part AND the Governor of the Uttar Pradesh (hereinafter called the Governor which expression includes his successors and assigns)of the other part WHEREAS the depositor has been appointed to the post of_____in the Forest Department, Uttar Pradesh AND WHEREAS it was a condition of his said appointment that the depositor should give security to the amount of Rupees (1)_____Rs. (2)____(hereinafter called the deposit) for the due discharge of his duties in the said appointment AND WHEREAS the depositor has made the said deposit in the form specified at (3)_______in the Schedule hereto (or has paid rupees (1)_____(Rs. (2)______) of the said deposit in form at (3) in the schedule hereto and has agreed

(1) In words (2) In figures.

to pay the balance by monthly instalments of rupees (1)_____(Rs. (2)______) NOW THESE PRESENTS WITNESS and the parties hereto hereby agree.

(3) State whether at a, b, c or d of the schedule.

FIRST, that the said deposit or any part thereof may be taken by the Governor for the purpose of indemnifying him, the Governor, from any loss caused by the act, negligence or default of the depositor in losing, misappropriating, injuring or failing to prevent injury to any money or property while in his custody or under his supervision as a servant or officer of the said Department or in permitting or failing to prevent the loss or misappropriation of, or injury to, any such money or property as aforesaid by any person whosoever.

SECOND, that the said deposit or any part thereof may be applied for the purpose of realizing any penalty for which the depositor may become liable under the rules of the said Department in force for the time being.

THIRD, that the said deposit may be retained by the Governor for six months after the depositor has either died in the said service or has quitted the same.

FOURTH, that on the expiration of the said period of six months the said deposit will be repaid to the depositor or the person then entitled to his property after his accounts have been passed by the officer authorized under the rules of the said Department to examine and pass the same and after all sums to which the Governor may be entitled under the first or second clauses hereof have been deducted therefrom.

FIFTH, that any additional sum deposited by the depositor and stated in the schedule hereto and verified by the signature or mark of the depositor and of the officer accepting the same may be applied in the same manner and shall be refunded subject to the same conditions as the said deposit.

SIXTH, that if the said deposit is insufficient for the purposes set forth in the first and second clauses hereof the depositor will pay to the Governor such sum as may be necessary to make up such deficiency.

SEVENTH, that the officer receiving or entitled to deal with the said deposit may (but shall not be bound to) change the same from any of the forms enumerated in the schedule hereto to any other one or more of the said forms on the request in writing and at the risk of the depositor.

EIGHTH, that the repayment either in whole or in part of the said deposit or of any additional deposit made under the fifth clause hereof shall not exonerate the depositor or his estate or effects from liability to make good to the Governor any loss or damage for which the depositor was liable under the terms of these presents or the rules of the said Department and which was not made good before such repayment as aforesaid made.

IN WITNESS whereof the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands on the day and year first above written.

The Schedule above referred to:

(Forms in which security may be given).

(a) in cash,

(b) in Post Office Cash Certificates,

(c) script or certificates for any loan issued by the Government of India, upon the security of the revenue of British India, or by the Government of Uttar Pradesh upon the security of its revenue.

(d) Fixed deposit receipts of the state bank of India, the Allahabad Bank, the Central Bank, or any other bank that has been recognized by Government.

NOTES-(1) Fixed deposit receipts of banks accepted as security must be issued in the name of the Uttar Pradesh Government.

(2) Government will hold the fixed deposit receipt at the depositor’s risk and will not be liable to the depositor in the event of loss of the security due to failure of the Bank or any other cause: and that if security is lost, the loss will fall on the depositor who must furnish fresh security forthwith.



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