F. A. R. Form no. 32

(see paragraph 14 Appendix I)

[F. D. A.-11(a)]

An Agreement made this___________________________________ day of_____19 , BETWEEN _________________________________________ _____son of ___________________________________________________ and _____________________ son of __________________________ caste ______________________ desident of _____________________________ (hereinafter called "the Sureties") of the one part AND the Governor of the Uttar Pradesh (hereinafter called the Governor which expression includes his successors and assigns) of the other part WHEREAS _____________ (hereinafter called the Forest employee) has been appointed to the post of ____________ in the Forest Department, Uttar Pradesh and WHEREAS it was a condition of his said appointment that the Forest employee should give security to the amount of rupees ________________ for the due discharge by him of his duties in his said appointment or in any other appointment which he might hold in the said department AND WHEREAS the Forest employee has deposited rupees ___________ of the said sum and has agreed to pay the balance of the same by monthly instalments of rupees ______________ AND WHEREAS it is necessary as a condition of his retaining his said appointment that the Forest employee should procure sureties for the payment by him of the balance of the said sum. NOW THESE PRESENTS witness and the sureties hereby jointly and severally contract with the Governor that in consideration of the aforesaid appointment of the Forest employee and/or of his being allowed to continue in the said appointment :

(1) That if the Forest employee makes default in paying any one or more of such instalments as aforesaid, the Sureties will pay the same to the Governor.

(2) That if the Governor suffers any loss caused by the act, negligence or default of the Forest employee in losing, misappropriating, injuring or failing to prevent injury to any money or property while in his custody or under his supervision as a servant or officer of the said department or in permitting or failing to prevent the loss or misappropriation of, or any injury to, any such money or property as aforesaid by any person whatsoever then the sureties will indemnify the Governor for such loss to the extent of but not more than, the amount of instalments then to be paid by the Forest employee if the same are not paid by him or his legal representatives.

(3) That, except as provided in clause 1 the sureties’ liability under these presents shall cease as soon as the Forest employee has deposited the whole amount which he is bound to deposit as security.

(4) That, if the sureties do not give notice of their intention to withdraw from their suretyship, they shall, notwithstanding the fact that the Forest employee may have paid the whole amount of his security deposit, continue to be sureties for him in like manner as a provided in clauses 1 and 2 if by reason of the Forest employee being appointed to any higher post in the said department it shall become necessary for him to give further security and he is permitted to pay the same by instalments.

(5) That while the Forest employee is liable to pay any instalment of a security deposit either by reason of his present appointment or of his promotion to any other post in the said department, the sureties cannot terminate their suretyship.

IN WITNESS whereof the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands the day and year first above written.



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