Book adjustment receipts

F.A.C. 36 and F.M.V. 238.

47. Claims of the department against other departments of the Government should be dealt with in accordance with the rules in paragraphs 189 to 191 and Appendix IX of volume V of the Handbook. Recoveries made in cash under those rules should be treated like other revenue receipts realized in cash; but when a book adjustment has to be made, a bill setting forth full particulars of the claim should first be sent to the officer concerned in form no. 4 (E-18) and its return duly watched

F.A.C. 17 and F.M.V. 238.

48. On receipt of the accepted bill the amount should be entered on both sides of the cash-book, on the Dr. side by credit to the appropriate head of revenue and on the Cr. side by debit to "Book Transfer," the accepted bill being treated as a voucher in support of the debit.

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