Schedule of new expenditure

F.M.V. 152.

59. (i) The schedule of new expenditure will be forwarded to the Chief Conservator by conservators and must be timed to reach that officer on August 20 and the local Government in the Forest Department not later than September 1. Detailed instructions for the preparation and submission of the schedules of new expenditure will be found in Chapter VII of the Budget Manual.

(ii) As regards expenditure under B—7 "communications and buildings" the following lump sum reserve has been fixed by Government for the Eastern, Western and Kumaun Circles, to cover new works costing up to Rs. 10,000 each:




(a) Roads and bridges




(b) Buildings




(c) Other works






(iii) When the annual budget estimates are prepared this reserve will be distributed among the three circles by the Chief Conservator. The fixed reserve does not include "repairs" which vary annually according to circumstances and which will be shown separately in the budget estimates.

(iv) The lump sum reserve of Rs. 1,75,000 has been sanctioned for a period of 5 years commencing from 1931-32, after which it will again be examined in detail in order to see what changes, if any, are needed.

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