Working plan estimate

66. The following procedure is prescribed for preparing the budgets of working plan divisions:

F.M.V. 159.

Working plan officers will prepare their own budgets and revised estimates for all expenditure and will submit these for the approval of the Conservator of Forests, Working Plan Circle, on July 20, who after making such additions and alterations as he thinks fit, will return the estimates to the working plan officers concerned for incorporation in the territorial divisional budget. The territorial divisional officers will show the items relating to working plan separately in their budgets under each sub-head, e.g.:


B (c)


Divisional working Plan




F.M.V. 160.

67. The working plan officers will keep a monthly abstract of expenditure by items to prevent the working plan budget being exceeded for which they will be responsible.

F.M.V. 161.

68. A working plan officer will submit his latest estimate to the territorial divisional officer by February 1, at latest. The divisional officer will incorporate them in his latest estimates.


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