Changes in establishment

F.A.C. 54. and F.M.V. 42.

106. (a) All changes in the personnel of establishment, and the grant of all leave to subordinate employees, sanctioned by conservators and by divisional officers, should be intimated by the sanctioning authority to the Principal Auditor in forms nos. 9 (A-6) and 10 [A-6(a)], a separate list being prepared for subordinate forest and office establishments, separately again for permanent and temporary. Subordinates absent on deputation will also be shown in form no. 10. These forms will be dispatched at the beginning of each month.

(b) As rangers, head assistants and head clerks are borne on a provincial list, it is necessary for conservators to intimate monthly to the Chief Conservator the information necessary for the compilation of a complete leave return for these classes of officers which the Chief Conservator will forward in form no. 10 to the Principal Auditor.

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