Travelling allowance bills

114. The general regulations regarding travelling allowances are contained in the Travelling Allowance Rules, Volume III of the Handbook.

115. (i) Travelling allowance bills will be prepared on loose sheets of Treasury forms nos. 265 and 266 meant for use of gazetted and non-gazetted government servants respectively.

F.M.V. 222.

(ii) The vouchers for charges on account of travelling allowance will ordinarily be the original bills receipted by the payee, and countersigned by the officer duly authorized, but see paragraph 116(4).

(iii) A copy of every travelling allowance bill will be kept in the divisional office.

116. The following instructions for preparing travelling allowance bills should be carefully followed:

F.M.V. 223.

(1) Journeys of different kinds and journeys and halts should not be entered on the same line.

(2) Hours of journey should be quoted in the bill—

(a) When for an absence from headquarters of not more than two consecutive days daily allowance is claimed for two days.

(b) When mileage or actual expenses in lieu thereof are claimed.

(c) When both railway or streamer fare and daily allowance are claimed in respect of a journey by rail or steamer immediately preceded or followed by journey by road or by halt.

(3) The number of kms. travelled should be entered in all cases of journeys by road or by boat.

(4) Permanent travelling, conveyance and horse allowances should be drawn along with the pay of the officer and not on travelling allowance bills.

(5) When the first item of travelling allowance to any officer is a halt, the date of commencement of that halt should be stated in the remarks column.

(6) When the journeys of two or more officers for the same month are identical, one bill should be prepared for the whole establishment which is chargeable to one and the same account head.

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