132. (a) The general rules in Chapter VIII of Volume V of the Handbook relating to Government buildings are generally applicable to buildings occupied by forest officers.

(b) In regard, however, to rest-houses in the forests, at timber depots and in plantations, which are constructed, for the purpose of affording shelter to government servants during the rains and hot weather, in order to preserve their health, and to enable them to travel rapidly from forest to forest at all times of the year, rent should not, as a rule, be charged, as these buildings are only occasionally used for a short period whenever the work may require the presence of a government servant.

(c) In cases where a rest-house is used as a residence by the government servant, in charge during the greater portion of the year, and, in any other doubtful cases, the Local Government will decide whether rent shall be paid.

F.M.V. 330.

133. The conservator will supply the Principal Auditor with a statement of the monthly rents due from forest officers occupying government buildings as residences, and when any new government building is so occupied he will report at once the date of first occupation and the amount of the monthly rent fixed for it. When the rent of any building shown on the above statement is not paid in any month the divisional officer will submit with the cash accounts of that month a certificate stating why it has not been paid. For rules regarding government residences and assessment and recovery of rents see Fundamental Rules 45 and the subsidiary rules made thereunder.

1. No rent should be charged for furniture in inspection bungalows, except when they are used as residences for forest officers. In such cases rent should be assessed for the building and furniture separately as laid down in rule 45 A-VI of the Fundamental Rules.

2. In the case of residential bungalows, where rent is not already charged on the furniture, the rent on furniture purchased before the year 1921 should be charged at seven per cent., on that supplied during the year 1921, and up to June 19, 1922, at eight per cent., and on supplies made thereafter at twelve per cent. on the capital value involved.

NOTE—Chicks being perishable articles should not be purchased as furniture for residential buildings, but should be paid for by tenants.

F.M.V. 331.

134. No rent will be charged for buildings intended for the use of and occupied by, members of the Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Forest Service, members of the clerical establishment including draftsmen and the occupants of any posts similar to those of clerks and draftsmen attached to the offices at Haldwani, Ramnagar, Lansdowne, Kotdwara, Kalsi, Chakrata and Pauri, and members of the subordinate establishment, including peons, chaukidars, export staff, establishment in charge of live-stock, buildings, gardens and plantations and dakwalas and daftris of the Forest Department.


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