Commencement of works

135. (a) No work shall be commenced until it has been sanctioned by competent authority and provision made in the budget for the expenditure involved. In the event, however, of its being necessary to undertake a work the necessity for which could not be foreseen and the urgency of which is so great as to render it impossible to obtain the sanction of the appropriate authority before commencing it, such work may be undertaken in anticipation of regularly prepared estimates and sanction thereto, subject to immediate intimation to the authority to whom the officer ordering the execution of the work is immediately subordinate that it has been commenced in anticipation of sanction or of budget provision. This intimation must invariably be accompanied by an intimation must invariably be accompanied by an explanation of the urgency, a statement of the probable cost of the work and a statement of when the detailed estimate will be submitted.

F.D.C. 59A and F.A.C. 48.

(b) It will then rest with the authority to whom the report is made to stop the work, to regularize its execution or to apply without delay for sanction from competent authority for its continuance or for the provision of funds in those cases in which he is unable to provide funds himself, while in every case he will with as little delay, as possible, report the circumstances and the action he proposes to take to the Principal Auditor.

(c) The Local Government will without any hesitation enforce disciplinary action against any officer administrative or executive, who may fail, or delay, to comply with these orders.

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