136. (a) Work done otherwise than on a lump sum contract, and supplies made by a contractor, should, unless impracticable, be measured (weighed or counted) before payment therefor is made. The details of the measurements made should be systematically recorded in book, called the measurement book (from no. 17) which will form the basis of all accounts of quantities. The description of the work or supply must be lucid so as to admit of easy identification and check.

F.A.C. 43

(b) The pages of the book should be machine-numbered, and no page may be torn out, nor may any entry be erased or effaced so as to be illegible. All corrections must be duly attested by a responsible government servant—see paragraph 83 of Volume V of the Handbook.

(c) The dates of commencement and completion of works should invariably be recorded in the measurement books pertaining to final measurements.


137. A reference to the voucher in which the quantities are entered for payment, as well as the date of entry, should be given by an endorsement upon the original entries in the measurement book and no contract certificate or bill should be signed without thus crossing off the connected entry in the measurement book. The document on which payment is made should invariably bear a reference to the number and page of the book in which the detailed measurements are recorded.

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