138. Payments to contractors for works or supply can be made only by the divisional officer, or by an authorized subordinate officer. Claims for such payments should be prepared, preferably by the claimants themselves, in form no. 18 (E-21) and no payment should be made until the correctness of the claim, in respect of quantities and rates as well as the quality of work or supply and other necessary factors, has been accepted by a responsible officer. Bills for payments on account to contractors and suppliers on large works will be drawn on form no. 19 [E-21(a)]. See also paragraph 137.


139. Particulars of the rates and quantities, etc., should be given on vouchers on which part payments are made for work done, otherwise than on a lump sum contract. In cases in which it is not practicable to give such details a brief certificate should be given on such vouchers by the forest officer concerned to the effect that the payments made are covered by the estimated value of the work done, the voucher for final payment being prepared as usual, giving full details of the rates and quantities of the entire work and reference to the vouchers relating to part payments previously made. The dates of commencement and completion of works should invariably be recorded in the bills pertaining to final payments. In the case of works within the power of sanction of divisional officers it should be arranged that each part payment voucher in respect of any one work shall show the number and date of, and the total payments made up to the last preceding part payment voucher.

140. Ordinarily charges other than those relating to pay and allowances will be drawn in form no. 18 (E-21) referred to in paragraph 138, the only exceptions being those drawn on form nos. 14 and 19 [E-20 and E-21(a)]. The Principal Auditor may, however, prescribe such other forms as he may consider necessary for special cases.


141. In the case of part payments to contractors the charges should be debited to the respective heads of account under "10—Forest" or "65—Capital Outlay on Forests", but the transactions should appear in the contractors’ ledger as well as in the abstract (paragraphs 189 and 195), under a separate heading "part payment" and should not be mixed up with the items on account of advances. Part payments made from time to time will be entered in column 11 of the abstract of the contractors’ ledger. Columns 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 will be completed every month. The recoveries will be shown in columns 7 and 8 once only when the account is finally settled when the balances in columns 13 and 14 will also be squared. In order to check that part payments are within the sanctioned amount of the contract, the contract money should be shown in column 3 of the ledger.

NOTE—For the rules regarding advances to contractors, see paragraphs 158 and 159.

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