Advances to disbursers

F.A.C. 28.

154. A subordinate who is not authorized to draw cheques (see paragraph 70) may be given a cash advance of suitable amount to enable him to make the disbursements entrusted to his charge.

F.A.C. 29.

155. When such a cash advance is made to a subordinate the amount of it must be charged at once in the cash-book of the officer making the advance, under "Forest advances" as an advance to the disburser concerned. Until cleared the advance should be held at the personal debit of the disburser.

F.A.C. 30.

156. The remittance of advances to disbursers by postal money orders is permissible where this course is found to be convenient (see rules in appendix III).

F.A.C. 30.

157. If advances are remitted by money order under paragraph 156, the post office receipt with the money order acknowledgment of the disburser concerned, will suffice as a payment voucher.

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