Schedule of remittances

F.A.C. 65.

183. A schedule of remittances of revenue to treasuries should be prepared in form no. 26 (E-14). The entries in this statement should show each item of remittance separately, and reference to these items should invariably be made against the entries in the last column of the consolidated treasury receipt (paragraph 185).

F.M.V. 210.

184. Details will be obtained from the subordinate and divisional cash-books supported by the original remittance chalans. Every item of remittance on a separate chalan will appear separately and the number and date of each chalan will be entered in the remarks column. A copy with the chalans will be sent to the Principal Auditor with the monthly accounts.

185. (i) On the first of each month (see paragraph 611 of Volume V of the Handbook) each treasury which has received forest remittances during the month sends to the divisional officer concerned a consolidated receipt showing details of each remittance separately.

F.M.V. 21.

(ii) On receipt of the consolidated treasury receipt the chalan entered in form no. 26(E-14) will be checked with those entered in the consolidated treasury receipt and those found in the consolidated treasury receipt will be marked off in the divisional register in form no. 26. A list of chalans entered in form no. 26, but not found in the consolidated treasury receipt will be made, and enquiries must at once be instituted with the treasury officer concerned, and, if possible, the discrepancies should be adjusted within the current month. At the same time against every item in the consolidated treasury receipt which has appeared in form no. 26 the corresponding item, number and date of the divisional cash-book will be entered.

(iii) Before forwarding the consolidated treasury receipt to the Principal Auditor a copy will be retained in the divisional office only of those items against which no entry of the corresponding item in the book has been made, and inquiries concerning such items must be instituted if they are not traced in the cash-book of the following month.

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