Monthly abstract of the ledger

F.A.C. 72.

195. An abstract of the contractors’ and disbursers’ ledger accounts should be prepared monthly in form no. 22(E-13), and, with the supporting vouchers it should be submitted in original to the conservator on the same day on which the monthly accounts are sent to the Principal Auditor (paragraph 200). In this abstract should be shown in consecutive order first the contractors’ accounts and then the disbursers’ accounts. The columns should be totalled separately for contractors’ and disbursers’ accounts and a grand total of all accounts should be given at the foot of the abstract.

F.A.C. 73.

196. The abstract for March in each year should be accompanied by a brief statement explaining the circumstances under which each item outstanding for more than twelve months remains unadjusted, and the steps which have been taken with a view to its early clearance.

F.A.C. 74.

197. The conservator should within ten days of receipt in his office, pass the abstracts on to the Principal Auditor, after examining them and making therefrom such notes for information and guidance as might appear to him desirable or necessary.


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