Rent deductions

107-A. Demands for rents of buildings of the Public Works Department recoverable from Government servants are prepared in Form no. 3 (statement of rents recoverable from pay bills) and are received from divisional engineer in duplicate towards the end of each month. The amount specified by the divisional engineer should be recovered without prior reference to the Government servants concerned from the next bills in which their pay is drawn. Thereafter one copy of his demand should be returned to the divisional engineer after noting the amounts recovered, and the other copy should be attached to the bill from which the recoveries are made. In noting the deductions in the bills the name of the Public Works division, the major head of account to be credited and the name of the canal, etc. as given in the divisional engineer’s demand should be shown.

If the rent recoverable from a Government servant is limited to a certain percentage of his emoluments, the particulars of such emoluments should be noted in the statement of rents before its return in the column for remarks. Where after the return of the statement of rents the emoluments of a Government servant are changed retrospectively, such changes should either be shown in the next statement or intimated to the divisional engineer by a special latter.

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