Procedure for issue of pay, etc., to Members of the Auxiliary Force Units on calling out or embodiment

107-C. (1) The issue of pay, etc., of civilian Government servants who are members of the Auxiliary Force (India) Units, when called out or embodied under section 18 of the Auxiliary Force Act is regulated by the instructions laid down in paragraph 255 of the Regulations for the Auxiliary Force, India, 1933.

Procedure for the recovery of the amount of pay or leave-salary attached by a court in India, from a Government servant on leave in the United Kingdom.

(2) The attachment order should not be forwarded to the High Commissioner for India, but as soon as it is received steps should be taken to specify in the original or amended English leave-salary certificate the amount that will have to be deducted from the leave-salary in compliance with the attachment order. This will enable the disbursing authority in the United Kingdom to make the corresponding reductions in the monthly bills presented to him for payment. The authorities in India (the Accounts Officers in the case of gazetted servants) and the departmental drawing officer (in the case of others) will be responsible for drawing the amount recoverable monthly in compliance with the attachment order and remitting it to the court concerned ; this transaction should not, however, be carried through before the 10th of the month following that to which the portion of leave-salary relates, and the allocation should of course, follow that the leave-salary as indicated in the leave-salary certificate. Recovery of Indian income-tax and super-tax will continue to be made wholly from the portion of leave-salary paid in the United Kingdom.

In order to ensure that the portion of leave-salary required in India for compliance with an attachment order under the procedure indicated above is not paid for any period beyond which it is not due, owing to the death or any other cause, the Chief Accounting Officer to the High Commission for India shall intimate any such event immediately to the officer issuing the leave-salary certificate. In the case of death he will include in the cable reporting death a request to discontinue payment in respect of the attachment order. In other cases he will send such an intimation by cable if an intimation sent in any other way is not likely to reach its destination before the 10th of the succeeding month.

Any information in regard to the discontinuance of payment in England when received from the High Commissioner for India should be communicated immediately to the Accountant General, Uttar Pradesh, in the case of all gazetted and non-gazetted Government servants from whose emoluments payments in respect of attachment orders are made by his office.

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