(See also Appendix VII-C Volume III of this Handbook)

Pay bills of the members of the Legislature :

Presentation and payment of the pay bills

107-D. The bills in respect of the members of the Legislative Assembly shall be prepared in the office of the Legislative Assembly and those in respect of the members of the Council in the office of the Legislative Council, in Form no. 4-A. Each such bill shall be submitted to the Secretary, Legislative Assembly or to the Secretary, Legislative Council, as the case may be, for counter-signature. Before counter signature, it will be the duty of the secretaries concerned to check the deductions, if any, as required by rule 14 of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Chambers (Members’ Emoluments) Rules, as to the amounts not due to a members for absence. After countersignature, the bills shall be sent to the members for signature and presentation at their respective Treasuries.

NOTE (1)—The Secretary, Legislative Assembly, or Legislative Council may authorise any officer not below the rank of Under Secretary, serving under him, to countersign the bills, communicating the name and the specimen signature of the officer to the Treasury Officer. This will not, however, relieve the Secretary, Legislative Assembly, or Legislative Council, in any way, of his overall responsibility for the accuracy of the bill.

NOTE (2)—The Secretary, Legislative Assembly, or Legislative Council, may with the prior approval of the State Government, adopt cheque System for payment of all claims arising under the relevant rules.

Note (3)—See note 1 (c) below paragraph 97 (e) regarding the drawal of money before the end of the month.

Correction Slip no. 21, dated 18-5-1982

[Vitt (Lekha) Anubhag-1 File no. 3(3) 78]

107-E. Each member shall select a Treasury, which may be convenient to him, for the encashment of his pay bill. A list showing the names of members, the particular Treasury at which payment is desired and the date from which each member is entitled to draw his salary shall be prepared by the Secretary concerned and furnished to the Accountant General to enable him to issue pay slips in the usual form to the Treasury Officer concerned.

107-F. Changes due to resignation, death, etc., and the election of new members shall be communicated by the Secretary concerned to the Accountant General as soon as such event occurs.

107-G. If a member wishes to change the Treasury of a payments, he will intimate the fact to the Accountant General and the Secretary concerned and obtain a last-pay certificate from the old Treasury. The last-pay certificate will be attached to the pay bill and presented at the new Treasury to enable it to make payments of the dues.

107-H. Members will be de facto drawing officers of their pay bills although such bills will be, prepared in the office of and countersigned by the Secretary of the Assembly or the council, or by the officer authorised by him for the purpose under note below paragraph 107-D. Each member shall send a copy of his specimen signature to the Treasury Officer of the district at which the bill is required to be paid. The Secretary concerned shall also as controlling officer, send a copy of his specimen signature to all the Treasury Officers in the Uttar Pradesh so that the signatures of both the members and the controlling officers may be verified before the payments is made.

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