Alterations of Pay

114. No Government servant may draw an increased or a changed rate of pay or allowance unless the bill on which he draws it is either pre-audited by the Accountant General or is accompanied by a letter of the Accountant General, authorizing the amount to be drawn. These letters will be issued by the Accountant General as soon as possible; but as delay may occur if the change is made near the end of a month, or if it takes effect from a date which cannot immediately be ascertained and cannot be fixed by a certificate of transfer of charge appended to the bill, Government servants should either draw their bills for no more than old rates, or send their bill for pre-audit to the Accountant General, if they do not first receive his letter of authority.

NOTE—In the case of time-scales of pay with efficiency bars at certain stages, the Accountant General will not authorize a Government servant to draw pay at a rate above the stage at which an efficiency bar is fixed until he has received a declaration from the authority empowered to make the promotion that he has satisfied himself that the Government servant in question is fit to pass the efficiency bar.

In order to prevent the passing of an efficiency bar becoming a more matter of form it is imperative that every case should be carefully scrutinized by the sanctioning authority before signing the declaration prescribed above.

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