Travelling Allowance Bill

118. The form of bill for travelling allowance of a gazetted Government servant depends upon the rule under which it is due. For kilometreage, halting or daily allowance, Form no. 6 should be used as setting forth in a convenient form the necessary details. When a circuitious route is taken, the reason for travelling along that route should be stated on the bill. When a Government servant is entitled to draw actual expenses, they should, in the absence of orders to contrary, be set forth in detail.

Gazetted Government servants who are summoned to give evidence in a Revenue, Civil or Criminal Court will draw their travelling allowance, at the ordinary rates, on production of a certificate as in Form no. 12-D.

119. To guard against cases of double payment of travelling allowance, every authority who is authorized to countersign travelling allowance bills of Government servants should maintain a register in the subjoined form. Travelling allowance bills should be entered therein and when a new bill is received the entries in the register should be scrutinized to see that a claim for the same journey has not previously been preferred. (See also rule 88 of Volume III of the Handbook). A list of officers authorized to countersign travelling allowance bills, will be found in Appendix IX, Volume III of the Handbook.

District, department or office

Government servant on whose behalf the bills is drawn

Date of journey for which travelling allowance is charged

Amount of bill

Date on which the bills is passed by the countersigning officer







NOTES—(1) The district police officers are exempted from maintaining the register prescribed above. They should instead keep a bill book as required by paragraph 207(7) of the Police Office Manual.

(2) The countersigning officer should check and initial each entry in this register at the same time as he countersigns the bills. He can, however, authorize a responsible official subordinate to him to check and initial the entries in the register on his behalf before submitting the bills for his signatures provided that he continues to be responsible for the correct and up to date maintenance of the register.

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