Annual Returns

127. An annual statement showing the numerical strength of each office as in Annexure "A" to this chapter shall be prepared by the Head of Department and sent to Government in the administrative department, which will pass on the same to the Finance Department so as to reach them by September 15 at the latest.

127-A. In the case of a person who first entered military employ and was subsequently employed in a civil department, his date of birth for the purpose of his civil employment should be the date stated by him at the time of attestation. In such cases, however, where the documents referring to the previous military service do not give the exact date of birth but only the age stated at the time of attestation, the government servant concerned should be assumed to have completed the stated age on the date of attestation. For instance, if an ex-soldier was enrolled on January 1, 1940, and if on that date his age was stated to be 18, his date of birth should be taken as January, 1 1922. This method of determining the date of birth should also be followed in cases where a person enters civil employ without having rendered any military service and is unable to give his date of birth but gives only his age. Cases, however, in which the date of birth has already been determined by a different method are not to be re-opened and should not be treated in the above manner.

NOTE—The date of birth once determined may not be altered, except in the case of a clerical error, without the orders of the Government. Heads of Departments, Secretaries to Government and District and Sessions Judges are authorized to direct the alteration in the date of birth of non-gazetted Government servants provided that the correct date is clearly proved in every case. They should, however, not exercise this power in the case of non-gazetted Government servants who have at any time officiated as Gazetted Officers.

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