Purchase of Service Postage Stamps

165-A. The use of service postage stamps should be restricted, as far as possible, to letters definitely "O.I.G.S." and so marked Government servants who indent for service stamps are required to certify that the stamps for which an indent is preferred and required for the purpose of prepaying the postage on communications which are bona fide on the service of the State or are otherwise covered by an entry in the list in rule 167 of the Indian Post Office Rules. These Government servants should be careful to distinguish between service communications and those issued on behalf of public bodies, not mentioned in the list referred to above, with whom they may be associated.

166. The following procedure should be adopted by Government servants in obtaining service postage stamps:

I—Government servants who draw money from the Treasury on contingent bills

A bill in a special form should be prepared by disbursing officers, containing provision for their acknowledgement of the receipt of the stamps indented for, and will be treated in the same way as a contingent bill for drawing cash from the Treasury. No sub-voucher in support of the entry in the bill will be required, as no cash is paid into the Treasury.

II—Government servants who draw money by cheques from Treasuries

Cheques to be presented in payment of the value of service stamps should be drawn in favour of the Government servant (designation without name) who supplies the stamps, whether they are drawn by the Government servant who indents for the stamps, or by a departmental indenting officer on the indenting officer’s requisitions and should also be accompanied with details in Form no. 42-A.

NOTE—Cheques issued by various departments for the payment of service postage stamps may be drawn in favour of Treasury Officers and accounted for direct at the Banking Treasuries without presentation at the Bank.

167. In the case referred to in rule I under paragraph 166, the Treasury Officer should pass the bill for payment by transfer, have the stamps issued, and enter the amount in the list of payments, crediting the value of the stamps to the head to which the cash realized is credited.

168. In the case referred to in rule III under paragraph 166 the stamp officer will submit the bills to the Accountant General in support of the issues in the stamp account in the same way as other Treasury Officers.

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