Responsibility of different authorities

169. Every Government servant should exercise the same vigilance in respect of expenditure incurred in connection with transactions of Government business as a person of ordinary prudence would exercise in spending his own money. The drawing officer is responsible for seeing (1) that vouchers are prepared according to rules, (2) that the money is either required for immediate disbursement or has already been paid from the permanent advance, (3) that the expenditure is within the available appropriation, (4) that all steps have been taken with a view to obtain an additional appropriation, if the original appropriation has either been exceeded or is likely to be exceeded, and (5) that in the case of contract contingencies, the proposed expenditure does not cause any excess over the amount fixed for these contingencies.

170. The check of contingent expenditure by heads of offices should not be regarded as a matter of routine ; drawing officers are directly responsible for the final check although it may be necessary to delegate the mechanical portion of the functions to office subordinates.

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